CMDA News for North Carolina: December 2017

December 2017

To Our Amazing Friends;


Amazement is the featured emotion of Luke’s Christmas accounts in Luke 1 & 2.  Shortly before Jesus’ birth, the people were amazed at the time it took for Zechariah to receive God’s message through the angel (Luke 1:21).  The people were amazed God’s working through Zechariah didn’t look like what everyone expected (Luke 1:63).  After Jesus’ birth, the people were amazed God had message of joy and peace for all people, regardless of their societal status (Luke 2:18).  Finally, the father and mother of Jesus were amazed God used such patient and persevering people to sing the praises of the baby Jesus (Luke 2:33).  God did – and does – great things in unexpected ways and often through the least expected of people.  If we open our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear, we too can and should be amazed at what He is doing today.


We at TCMDA stand amazed at what God did in 2017 with and through people like you! 


Your partnership in ministry to fellow Christians in healthcare, whether practitioner or student, has spread across North Carolina, even as it grew rapidly again this year in the Triangle area.  TCMDA now ministers to you, and people like you, at 14 different locations around Raleigh.  We also served the needs of Christians in healthcare in six other cities statewide this year.


We’ve helped meet the unique medical needs of a dozen people trying to escape human trafficking in Wake County, even as we’re doing international medical missions, too.


Encouragement and equipping medical ministers like you is happening in person, in print, and in a variety of electronic publications.  We are also conducting CME programs which are not afraid to welcome biblical principles into the discussion, and we are taking those principles and facts out into the community to educate policy makers and legislators as well.


We thank the Lord also for bringing so many champions alongside us.  Nearly twice as many people have partnered with us financially as just 18 months ago.  Champions have increased their portion of funding the ministry from less than 15% to nearly half.  With your help, this support allowed TCMDA to serve statewide on less than $80,000.  Reaching our goal of $118,000 we can do even more ministry in 2018 and beyond.


We are amazed at what God is doing.  We hope you are, too.  If you‘d like to partner with us as we care for caregivers like you and your peers, we welcome you to.  Your prayers, and your joyful and generous year-end financial gift, will help us to continue to answer the call from Christians in healthcare for community, encouragement, and equipping.  Everything you need to make a donation is at the bottom of this email.


May each one of you enjoy a blessed Christmas season and 2018. 

May we all remain amazed at the great things God is doing.




  Paul O. Gerritson, MDiv


Area Director-Pastor


for Triangle Christian Medical & Dental Associations  




Phone:  919-593-7299


Mailing Address:  TCMDA   PO Box 61962   Durham, NC 27715


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